Human Cities

Jaga üritust

Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design

12.–16.09.  11:00–18:00

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Eesti Tarbekunsti- ja Disainimuuseum: Lai 17    Show on the map

MIND and BODY – I and YOU. Peter Ramsebner, Anna Steinhäusler (Austria)

The museum is presenting an exhibition of two Vienna-based artists working primarily in sculpture, structured as a creative dialogue between “mind and body, I and you.” The exhibition deals with the shared features and contrasts between the authors themselves and people in general. Using human figures, the artists depict the overlays of body and mind. In the artists' own words, the dynamics between body and mind as well as the internal and external worlds is part of their being and behaviour.


The permanent exhibition of Estonian applied art COLLECTED WORKS

The permanent exhibition provides an opportunity to see an overview of the development of Estonian applied art and the work of practicing artists and formerly practicing artists from the beginning of the previous century until now. All together there are more than 2000 works on display.