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Fashion Design Show D_O_M – DESIGN IS IN FASHION 

13.09. 20:00–21:00
Balti jaama ootepaviljon: Toompuiestee 37    Show on the map

During Tallinn Design Festival an exceptional event of presenting clothing design D_O_M – DESIGN IS IN FASHION takes place. Through attractive and conceptual show D_O_M are presented clothes that are prepared in the same manner as design producst generally – with remarkable time consumption and carefully. Garment, the closest layer to our body, determine the health, freedom of movement, safety, general wellbeing of a person. So let’s take time to observe and enjoy the clothing design here and now.

The audience will be part of the cultural experience through spectacular show that opens up brand concepts and DNA. Estonian designers always seek for the best innovations and strive for quality in every aspect. Designed apparel is something that lasts, is worth to repair and devise. These are wearables that are meant to be used both daily and in more festive events.

The staging is composed by choreographer Helina Reinjärv.

Sphere of sound is set by Rene Köster.

The show of D_O_M is produced by Piret Mägi.

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A new Estonian brand ELLEN RICHARD follows the principle that less is

more. Items are multifunctional and can be worn in many ways. Designer and CEO of

the brand Kristi Pärn says that it is most essential to have the chance to consume sustainably designed products. These pieces give also opportunity to combine the clothes and fit into various situations despite of over consumption.

The collection is simple and practical, inspired by the clean northern style. These clothes are basic products to fit into different situations with possibility to styled in various ways. The collection is produced by local manufacturers and made of natural fabrics.

What if there would be really only few garments in our closet?








Designer Reet Aus is dedicated to slow fashion and her upcycled collection is entirely made from post-production leftovers. Reet Aus has developed an industrial upcycling method that involves complete lifecycle analysis of the garments.The method enables to circulate the leftover materials back to production inside the same factory.

Each garment in Reet Aus collection saves an average 75% water and 88% energy.
Collection is produced following UPMADE® Cerfication criteria.

What if our everyday clothing would be “harmless” and even make good?

STUDIO-SHOP in Tallinn, Telliskivi 62




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Photo: Krõõt Tarkmeel

Models: Eleonora ja Indrek

Make-up and hair: Liina Pihel ja Madli Pihel

Styling: Anu Rieberg


Eve Hanson’s new collection is based on knowledge and consciousness where is connected future-aimed fashion-ideas and sustainable design.

Contrasts and contradictions, naturalness and particular forms together are in discreet harmony. Voluminous clothing are about durative, natural and functional materials. Collection is based on monochromic color gamble, where every new season has fresh tone accent. Outfits are embellished with special graphics made by illustrator Tom Lind.

One of the most important focus point is resistance and quality.

What if clothes which are bought today we could wear also after many years? Could it be common practice instead of exeption?





Photo: Maiken Staak

HELVE ALLA, collection “TAASUUS”

Collection “TAASUUS” (eng: again new) brings to the limelight our cultural heritage. The clothes used in the XIX century were like they were due to the lifestyle of the people of that time. Trends were determined by logic. Usage of textile and nature of the garments were result of need and opportunities. Nothing redundant, nothing doubtful. Every detail deserves it’s existence. Every reason is justified.

The collection is completed as the graduation collection in the curricula of Ethnical Textile in the TU Viljandi Culture Academy. The collection was mentioned in several categories in the fashion show Oma Mood in the fashion festival EFF 2018. As a special prize Helve Alla was invited to D_O_M show to present her creation.

In the history we find a lot to worth to remember and to carry forward. How to preserve knowledges and use them also in the future?


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