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Blocked door

14.09. 17:00–20:00
15.–16.09. 14:00–17:00
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Jaak Juske history tour “RUSSO-BALTIC Shipyard” at the location

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Blocked door is a project that includes the location of marking places that are usable for a limited circle of people, but are closed to the public. The project involves 3 artists - each individually focused according to the situation. The artist has been tasked with creating a work in the chosen environment based on his or her own perspective as a distant viewer while being aware of the history of the site. Blocked doors can be called a site-specific project; in addition, it's the ‘outsider’s' perspective of a place the relationship with which has been lost or which has never existed. Trying to revive the relationship through one’s creation, thus finding a new perspective. Closed doors are more than site-specific - it is the creator's perspective on a location that has historically lost its accessibility. 

Artists: Emer Värk, Sille Pihlak, Karl Saks

*15.09. 15:00

Jaak Juske history tour “RUSSO-BALTIC Shipyard” at the location